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 1/72 Scale
 Bedford QLD
 Bedford QLR
 Bedford QLT
 Bedford QLB
 Bedford QL
 Polish Fiat (early)
 Polish Fiat (late)
 Polish Fiat (truck)
 Polish Fiat (ambulance)
 Chevrolet C15A 13 Watertank
 Chevrolet C15A 13 Personnel Lorry
 Chevrolet C15A 13 General Service
 Chevrolet C15A 13 Australian Pattern
 Chevrolet C15A 11 Watertank
 Chevrolet C15A 11 Personnel Lorry
 Chevrolet C15A 11 General Service
 Diamond T 968 Cargo Truck
 Diamond T 969 Wrecker
 Diamond T 972 Dump Truck
 Diamond T 968A with Asphalt Tank
 Universal Carrier I Mk.I
 Universal Carrier II Mk.II
 Mortar Carrier
 Universal Carrier with Boys 14,5mm
 Toldi I Hungarian Light Tank
 Toldi II Hungarian Light Tank
 Toldi IIa Hungarian Light Tank
 Toldi III Hungarian Light Tank
 Otter Light Reconnaissance Car
 Chevrolet C60S with Holmes breakdown
 Stridsvagn m/38 Swedish light tank
 Stridsvagn m/39 Swedish light tank
 Stridsvagn m/40 K Swedish light tank
 Stridsvagn m/40 L Swedish light tank
 TYPE89 Japanese Tank, Early
 TYPE89 Japanese Tank, Mid-production
 TYPE89 Japanese Tank, Hybrid-production
 TYPE89 Japanese Tank, Late
 TYPE89 Japanese Tank, Diesel
 TYPE94 Japanese Tankette
 TYPE94 Japanese Tankette, Late
 TYPE94 Japanese Tankette, with trailers
 TYPE94 Japanese Tankette, with 37mm gun
 40M Turan I - Hungarian Medium Tank
 41M Turan II - Hungarian Medium Tank
 44M Turan III - Hungarian Medium Tank
 44M Zrinyi I - Hungarian 75mm Assault Gun
 40/43M Zrinyi II - Hungarian Assault Gun
 40/43M Zrinyi II with sideskirts
 Chevrolet C15TA
 Chevrolet C30A General Service
 Type 1 Chi-He
 Type 2 Ho-I
 Type 3 Chi-Nu
 Type 3 Chi-Nu Kai
 Bergepanzer III

72001   Bedford QLD 72002   Bedford QLR 72003   Bedford QLT
72004   Bedford QLB 72005   Bedford QL 72007   Polish Fiat 508/III
(early version)
72008   Polish Fiat 508/III
(late version)
72009   Polish Fiat 508/III
72010   Polish Fiat 508/III
72012   Chevrolet C15A No.13 Cab Watertank 72013   Chevrolet C15A No.13 Cab Personnel Lorry 72014   Chevrolet C15A No.13 Cab General Service
72015   Chevrolet C15A No.13 Cab Australian Pattern Wireless/Signals 72016   Chevrolet C15A No.11 Cab Watertank 72017   Chevrolet C15A No.11 Cab Personnel Lorry
72018   Chevrolet C15A No.11 Cab General Service 72019   Diamond T 968 Cargo Truck 72020   Diamond T 969 Wrecker
72021   Diamond T 972 Dump Truck 72022   Diamond T 968A with Asphalt Tank 72023   Universal Carrier I Mk.I
72024   Universal Carrier II Mk.II 72025   Mortar Carrier 72026   Universal Carrier with Boys 14,5mm
72027   Toldi I Hungarian Light Tank 72028   Toldi II Hungarian Light Tank 72029   Toldi IIa Hungarian Light Tank
72030   Toldi III Hungarian Light Tank 72031   Otter Light Reconnaissance Car 72032   Chevrolet C60S with Holmes breakdown
72033   Stridsvagn m/38 Swedish light tank 72034   Stridsvagn m/39 Swedish light tank 72035   Stridsvagn m/40 K Swedish light tank
72036   Stridsvagn m/40 L Swedish light tank 72037   TYPE89 Japanese Medium tank KOU-gasoline Early 72038   TYPE89 Japanese Medium tank KOU-gasoline Mid-production
72039   TYPE89 Japanese Medium tank KOU-gasoline Hybrid-production 72040   TYPE89 Japanese Medium tank KOU-gasoline Late-production 72041   TYPE89 Japanese Medium tank OTSU-diesel
72043   TYPE94 Japanese Tankette 72044   TYPE94 Japanese Tankette, late, with towed idler wheel 72045   TYPE94 Japanese Tankette with trailers
72046   TYPE94 Japanese Tankette with 37mm gun 72047   40M Turan I – Hugarian Medium Tank 72048   41M Turan II – Hugarian Medium Tank
72049   44M Turan III – Hugarian Medium Tank 72050   44M Zrinyi I - Hungarian 75mm Assault Gun 72051   40/43M Zrinyi II - Hungarian 105mm Assault Gun
72052   40/43M Zrinyi II - Hungarian 105mm Assault Gun with sideskirts 72053   Chevrolet C15TA 72054   Chevrolet C30A General Service
72055   Type 1 Chi-He Japanese Medium Tank 72056   Type 2 Ho-I Japanese Infantry Support Tank 72057   Type 3 Chi-Nu Japanese Medium Tank
72058   Type 3 Chi-Nu Kai Japanese Medium Tank 72059   Bergepanzer III (EASY ASSEMBLY)  

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