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IBG Models is a plastic model kit producer and distributor from Poland. The company was founded in 1991 as a model kit importer and distributor. We released our first own model kit - Bedford QLD in 1/72 scale - in 2008. Since that time we have released many high quality plastic kits of different vehicles from WWII period in both 1/72 and 1/35 scale. Our product range is constantly growing and we hope to keep producing more and more high quality kits in future.


Hungarian and Romanian Service

1/72 Scale
IBG Models 72504

Type 94 Japanese Tankette

1/72 Scale
IBG Models 72043

Turan III
Hungarian Medium Tank

1/72 Scale
IBG Models 72049

Bergepanzer III
with 37mm Gun

1/72 Scale
IBG Models 72059

Pz.Kpfw. II Ausf.a1/a2/a3

1/72 Scale
World at War WaW002


  • 5 more long awaited IBG kits are out!
  • IBG news are out! 5 new 1/72 kits: Chevrolet C15TA, Karaś B late, RWD-8 foreign service, Type 89 mid-production and Type 94 with 37mm Gun!
  • Five brand new IBG Models 1/72 kits are already available! First Karaś kits, Hungarian tanks Turan and Zrinyi and Type 94 Japanese Tankette!


Type 3 Chi-Nu Kai Japanese Medium Tank
1/72 Scale
PZL.37 A Łoś Polish Medium Bomber
1/72 Scale
Scammell Pioneer TRMU Tank Transporter
1/35 Scale
Type 89 Japanese Medium Tank, gasoline, hybrid production
1/72 Scale
Type 3 Chi-Nu Japanese Medium Tank
1/72 Scale
40/43M Zrinyi II - Hungarian 105mm Assault Gun with sideskirts
1/72 Scale
Type 1 Chi-He Japanese Medium Tank
1/72 Scale
Type 2 Ho-I Japanese Infantry Support Tank
1/72 Scale

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